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Investor Relations Consultancy

With the growing interest of international investors and the globalization of financial markets, the role of Investor Relations has evolved with the desire of listed companies to attract more institutional investors towards their stock, which in turn helps to reduce the cost of capital. The need arises to tailor communication material that reflects positively in the share performance, as well as bringing deep financial communication and management expertise to suit each individual client’s needs and goals.

The Investor Relations industry is evolving and growing rapidly in the region, coinciding with the vast expansion of the regional capital markets. Saudi Arabia is part of the Emerging Market Index, on these grounds listed companies must prove themselves compellingly. With the increase in competition for capital, many firms, both listed and non-listed, are reaping the rewards of better managing relationships with both existing and potential stakeholders.

Our skilled professionals possess the latest know-how, combined with in-depth and on-the-ground experience, which assists in improving market perception and the public profile of a company. The proficiency of the team and the evolution of technology allows for a truly global reach and ensures a unique and eclectic provision of services.

Who We Are

Sager Investor Relations is a Saudi advisory firm, striving to provide eminent Investor Relations services and solutions to listed companies in the Kingdom. We deliver a combination of breadth and cutting-edge expertise to organizations across the private, public, and social sectors.

We work for listed companies, as well as those planning to go public and in their IPO phase by offering bespoke, tailor-made services and solutions to assist companies in bringing their IR departments to best-practice international standards. With extensive technical, project management and leadership experience, we have learned what it takes to thrive in the workplace, and our job is to find the right people and solutions for your specific needs and challenges.

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"Our IR advisory services bring maximum exposure to your business, maintaining solid and long lasting relationships with your clients and investors."

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