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Why We Became An Investor Relations Advisory Firm

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Our Story

Sager Investor Relations is a young, creative and driven company that takes pride in being a competent service provider in the field of investor relations management. The company was found at a time when the investor relations awareness level was very low in Saudi Arabia.

We identify ourselves as a fiercely independent investor relations advisory firm that understands the business, culture, and individual goals of its clients. We believe that high-quality investor relations are the symbol of successful capital markets. Here at Sager IR, we bring precision, clarity, and consistency in everything we do.

Our advisory work is an outgrowth of both our individual experiences and the collegial atmosphere in which we work together to achieve the best solutions for our clients. Sager Investor Relations was built to deliver tangible results for its clients and to deliver effective, trustworthy communications with stakeholders, and to bring a beneficial impact on the reputation and value of the company.

Our experience in the investment community is fresh. We know what makes today’s analysts tick because we know the best IR practices and we are all about making a difference for our clients. This happens through the advice we provide, the programs that we develop and implement, and the activities that we take on. All of this is done within a framework of unparalleled client service and with a passion for our work.

Sager Investor Relations has the expertise in serving clients in areas of complex legislative and regulatory structures, by offering bespoke services and solutions to assist companies in institutionalizing an IR department and support in the pre-IPO preparations.

Our role in the middle east investor relations niche

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The role of investor relations professionals is to effectively control the flow of information between a public company, its investors, and its stakeholders. So, our role as an IR company is to create consistent interactions with investment analysts and to manage the analysts’ expectations.

The strategic value and the primary role of the services we provide are transforming the one-way conversation with investors into a dialogue. Creating awareness and understanding of the company among the investor community, as well as helping listed companies gain access to capital, achieve liquidity in the market, and attain an equitable valuation of the company. 

Our focus is to provide clients with a suite of products and services that enable them to maximize the opportunity of public ownership and to reap the benefits of good investor relations outreach. We aim to strengthen the vision that Investor Relations is so much more than just good PR. The IR strategy should be a competitive differentiator that leads to a higher valuation. Our framework is designed to create shareholder engagement strategies that work and investment cases that sell.

Our values 

At a time of huge change, challenge, and opportunity, our values guide our behavior. They inform how we act, the decisions we make and how we work with each other, our clients, and the entities we audit. Our values are the foundation of everything we do and every action we take. Our values as an IR service provider are:

  • Transparency
  • Accuracy
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Influence

Our objectives as an investor relations advisory firm

Our objective is to help investors make important decisions regarding the company’s equity. Our services scope also includes giving investors annual/quarterly business reports, which provide quantitative and qualitative information. We inform investors of changes in the business model and the strategic direction it could take.

The information forwarded to the senior staff following the communication with investors can regard the following aspects:

  • Market and investor sentiment and feedback
  • Investor movements and activity
  • Most frequently asked questions
  • Information on the liquidity of share trading
  • Shareholder activism
  • Shareholder engagement
  • Recent regulatory changes.

Closing line

To summarize the topic of this article, we can proudly admit that our goal is to make investor relations efficient and effective across the Middle East by focusing on increasing visibility and creating comprehensive investment stories. As a Saudi Arabian advisory firm, we are set to bridge the gap between IR professionals in listed companies, the investment community, regulators, and various stakeholders. 

We wish to remain the leading service provider that continues to extend support to publicly listed companies and companies with ambitions to list on the stock exchange by leveraging expertise in Saudi regulations, Tadawul, and CMA systems.

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