IR Training & Coaching Program

IR Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching to Master Investor Relations

Sager IR executes coaching and training for boards, executives, and IR professionals. Increase your chances of winning the competition for capital and attract the right kind of attention from investors, analysts, and the media.

Packaging your company’s performance and strategy into a compelling investment case is more critical than ever. Our training program offers you a unique, unbiased chance to revisit your investment case to maximize investor appeal while developing and maintaining the right shareholder base.

Leverage our expertise to capitalize on financial market opportunities. Engage and retain investors to finance your long-term strategy. Get a proven plan to articulate your shareholder value and engage the right investors. Your company’s reputation and long-term success are on the line.

We help clients achieve tangible results and measurable return on investment (ROI) such as: 

  • Development and diversification of shareholder base. 
  • Increase in sustainable valuation.
  • Rationalization of Investor Relations budgets.
  • Optimization of management time.

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Our IR training course is for you if you want to: 

  • Improve the quality of your Investor Relations skills.
  • Apply international best practices to Investor Relations.
  • Optimize your time and resources.
  • Improve current Investor Relations program and tools to adequately showcase financial and operating achievements.
  • Effectively engage with the media.
  • Understand how capital market participants use corporate financial statements for their investment decisions.
  • Dealing with risks and uncertainties.
  • Effectively manage the market’s expectations.
  • Communicate earnings objectives, financial targets, and strategic goals.
  • Get qualitative assessment through perception studies, feedback, analysts’ research reports, earnings consensus analysis.

Inspire Investor Confidence to Maximize Value

IR professionals play a crucial role in enabling public companies to communicate their financial performance and strategic direction to the investment marketplace in a credible and consistent manner, with the goal of achieving a fair value for the company’s securities. To accomplish this goal, investor relations specialists must possess and employ in-depth knowledge of finance and the capital markets, effective communications and marketing techniques, and securities regulation. 

Our training program will cover such topics as the factors influencing investment decisions; interpreting and communicating financial data; understanding relevant Saudi securities regulations; investor relations and corporate governance best practices; effective use of investor communications tools, and working with institutional and retail investors, sell-side analysts, and financial media.

Optimize Your Company’s Value With Our Highly Actionable Investor Relations Coaching & Training

We’ll assess your current situation and long term vision, then customize your training program to help you get the knowledge on

  • Performing gap analysis.
  • Upgrading internal reporting systems.
  • Guiding Boards and Executives on IR best practices.
  • Identifying untapped value potential.
  • Showcasing financial and operational achievements.
  • Crafting financially strategic announcements.
  • Understanding market sentiment and investor concerns.
  • Identifying KPIs that enhance your business model.
  • Developing and deploying IR best practices.
  • Analyzing changes in valuation.
  • Adjusting systems to meet future objectives.

Sager IR training program is designed to ensure that all capital market-facing executives are aligned across Investor Relations principles, processes, and goals and allows for the improvement of the current Investor Relations program to align with local and global best practices.


We are committed towards working closely with individual companies, analysing what they currently have and tailoring bespoke packages to improve their overall IR practice.

The main aim when working with any client is ensuring only the highest QUALITY of services are provided.

We are a result driven firm, striving to ensure maximum return to our clients.


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