Investor Relations

Investor Relations

IR Department Setup

We pride ourselves in being able to advise firms on how to set up a dedicated, institutionalized investor relations department from the ground up, through working in conjunction with the management of the company. We’ll guide through the process of developing strategies by establishing an IR strategy based upon a firm’s variable requirements and constraints. The company will undergo the following services:

IR Gap Analysis

Gap analysis can help identify areas of improvement for an array of processes.
At Sager IR we provide guidance towards actionable steps for improving processes, products, and services. The gap analysis will disclose the existing capacity for further expansion and missed opportunities to provide value to customers and will help to bridge the gap between actual and expected deliverables thorough deadlines.

The gap analysis will include:

  1. IR section of the website
  2. Management accessibility
  3. Disclosure material
  4. Company visibility

IR Operating Module / Process

At Sager IR, we ensure compliance with laws and regulations, we give guidance for decision-making, and streamline internal processes for step-by-step accounts on how to implement effective policies and procedures of the day-to-day IR department’s activities.

This includes the earning cycles, whether quarterly or annually, which will include the process of all related activities related to the earnings cycles such as results process, announcements, presentation preparations, earning call preparations, all disclosure material preparations, distribution to mailing lists and feedback analysis. It will also include the steps of reporting to the Board, top management, the investment community, credit rating agencies, regulators and all other stakeholders.

IR Disclosure Policy

Sager IR will engineer an IR disclosure policy under the Capital Market Authority regulations, in order to increase trust in your IR activities and to ensure a proper assessment for your company with a scope to increase the value of the company in Capital Market regulations, which will enhance long-term shareholder value.

Sager IR will guide clients through the regulatory disclosures policies, as well as corporate governance guidelines. The IR disclosure policy will give clear guidelines on the process of communicating to external stakeholders such as investors, analysts, credit rating agencies, regulators, media…etc. The policy will also specify the people allowed to distribute these communications and, depending on the materiality of the information if the data needs prior approval by the top management or sometimes the Board of Directors.

IR Strategy

IR Strategy is essential and when implemented effectively, it can boost a business in order to attract and connect with investors and to build an influential and lasting communication. An investor relations strategy needs to be well structured and benched to best practices. The strategy aims to attract investors’ and analysts’ interest in the company through various methodologies.

These are based on proactiveness, commitment, and transparency. The investor relations strategy will include the steps for a company to achieve IR best practices. We understand the importance of delivering a compelling story to capital markets and that a good IR strategy comes in hand to support achieving the desired vision.

IR Training

The service will entail a course designed to give an essential guide of Principles for Investor Relations, a comprehensive training program in various areas of investor relations throughout the engagement. We also provide separate investor relations coaching sessions to enhance the role of IR professionals. These sessions include:

  1. IR Introduction
  2. Importance of IR
  3. IR Department
  4. Investment community
  5. Regulation, Disclosures, and Governance
  6. IR Communication
  7. Best Practice Scope of responsibilities

We are committed towards working closely with individual companies, analysing what they currently have and tailoring bespoke packages to improve their overall IR practice.

The main aim when working with any client is ensuring only the highest QUALITY of services are provided.

We are a result driven firm, striving to ensure maximum return to our clients.


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