Bawan Annual Report

Company Profile:

Bawan was originally established as a limited liability entity in 1980, through the amalgamation of Abdullatif & Mohammad Alfozan Co and Abdulkader Al Muhaidib & Sons General Trading Co, operating in a diverse range of capital goods sectors. 

Headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bawan has been listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) since 20th November 2011. Bawan’s business model is focused on diversification of business, derived from its subsidiaries in the Metal, Wood, Electric, Plastic and Concrete sectors, with an international presence in Kuwait and UAE. With a diversified base of products, the Company is also able to further focus its efforts on the solidification of market share. The current share capital of the Company is SAR 600,000,000.


To share the Company’s success with their shareholders by planning, designing, and developing an annual report that enhances their storytelling, and makes it easier to spread significant achievements. 


We delivered qualitative English and Arabic language reporting to engage Saudi and international stakeholders. We worked with them throughout the annual report creation process, devising a strategy and narrative structure, creating designs that aligned with the company’s brand guidelines, and drafting the content.

Their annual report was restructured to meet with best practice guidelines. In its 2020 annual report, Bawan clearly presents its business model, strategic objectives, and performance for the year. In a cutting-edge digital report, a rich mix of infographics, and design elements bring to life Bawan’s creation of value for all stakeholders.


Sager IR delivered an outstanding digital and print report that clearly reflects the company’s business model and culture. The interactive digital annual report is a great asset for their communications toolbox. With its interactive navigation, strategically placed sidebars, and graphics, it is easy to read and navigate. It can be skimmed effectively or read in-depth; either way, the microsite visitors get the key messages.

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