Leejam Sports Company Annul Report

Company Profile:

Leejam is the biggest sports center network in the MENA region, with more than 10 years of experience in sports, health, and fitness. Leejam, which owns the “Fitness Time” brand, operates 136 fitness centers in the region, mainly in Saudi and the UAE. Its first Fitness Time center opened in the Kingdom in 2005. In providing the best sports services for the community, Leejam has applied the highest global standards for service and safety. 


Creating an attractive microsite that highlights the company’s investment story and success. Setting up a multi-page, interactive annual report focusing on user-friendliness and providing readers with an immersive digital experience.


A multi-page, digital annual report expanded engagement opportunities, something that was impossible if we delivered a single-page, static report. 

We conceptualized the report for web and mobile platforms from the get-go, instead of adapting it for print. This meant exploring ways to engage online readers through interactive elements such as animated statistics whilst ensuring the site loaded fast and was easy to navigate.

To give the site a look that was consistent with Leejam’s brand image, Sager IR adopted the organization’s green and yellow corporate colors. 


Leejam’s report was well-received by internal stakeholders, government officials, investors, analysts, the media, and the regulators. By ensuring the right messaging, style, and tone were used throughout the reporting channels in both Arabic and English, Leejam delivered a positive corporate message and clearly communicated the company’s successes.

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