Malath Cooperative Insurance IR Perception Study

Company Profile:

Malath Cooperative Insurance Co. was founded by Saudi investors in 2007 and transacts its operations in accordance with Cooperative executive insurance regulations in Saudi Arabia. The company provides a wide range of general insurance products in various classes that include Aviation, Energy, Engineering, Marine (Cargo & Hull), Miscellaneous, and Motor. In addition, Malath provides Healthcare Insurance for groups and individuals. Malath obtained final licensing by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) to practice both general and health insurance. 

The company’s prime focus is on setting new benchmarks of excellence in customer service in the new emerging and regulating environment resulting from the implementation of Cooperative Insurance Companies Law. 

Malath offers 47.48% of its shares of stock in the company to be sold to the general public, since 2017 the Company’s share capital has increased to 500 million Saudi Riyals. 


Malath management desired to consolidate the policy and procedures of the IR department, perform a perception study, attract more institutional investors by highlighting the company’s investment story and success.


We initiated a perception study of the company with institutional investors and analysts to understand what the investment community knows about the company. After that, we initiated a feedback analysis study to understand the gaps in what Malath is offering and what the investment community expects of Malath. 


We provided our findings and feedback of the investment community to the management of the company and worked on a strategy to minimize the gap in setting a strategy for the IR department to implement which will definitely increase the engagement of the investment community with the company. Properly implemented IR policies that provided a framework for the Board, Management, and relevant staff to communicate effectively with shareholders, investors, other stakeholders, and the public.

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