SIIG IR Best Practices

Company Profile:

The Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG) was established in 1996 and is considered one of the leading companies in the field of developing an industrial base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, particularly the petrochemical industry. The company opens its export areas to foreign countries and allows the private sector to access other industries using petrochemical industries. Saudi Industrial Investment Group is a public company, listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange since February 2004. 

SIIG founded itself on a strong strategic alliance with Chevron Phillips Petrochemical Co., a partner with experience in the competitive field of the petrochemical industry, thereby enhancing its technical and investment potential in the area. The company’s current capital is SR4.5 billion Riyals. At present, SIIG owns 50% shares of both Saudi Chevron Phillips Company and Jubail Chevron Phillips Company. Each of them is a limited liability company and is registered under Saudi Law. 


Historically, the company had never uploaded any of the financial XBRL files mandated by the regulators. During 3Q19, the company was notified by the Regulators of their failure to comply with requirements of the stock performance and were given a deadline to ensure all historical files were uploaded to Tadawul via IFSAH, otherwise, they would face financial penalties.

SIIG was keen to start an IR department and had transferred a senior employee into the role from another department. The company nor the newly appointed IR head had knowledge about what are IR best practices, roles, and what responsibilities to be performed, and how to measure the performance of the IR department. 


We have worked closely with the newly appointed IR head and decided to start our journey as follows:

  1. Institutionalize the IR Department which involved the following services:
    • Prepared IR policies and the IR manual which also included the disclosure policy.
    • Prepared an IR Strategy for the first 12 months based upon the company’s variable requirements and constraints.
    • Prepared the responsibilities and the KPIs to help measure the performance of the IR professionals in the department.  
  2. Provided a training workshop for the IR head-on IR best practices, roles, and responsibilities.


The Company got a good positive start in the IR field. As a result, a dedicated, institutionalized investor relations department was formed from the ground up. 

The IR head gained the knowledge and ongoing support on the day-to-day job activities to ensure he is going in the right direction. Our support was not limited just to meeting investors and analysts, preparing the IR presentation, announcements on Tadawul, preparing and uploading XBRL files, etc. We provided compliance with laws and regulations as well, gave guidance for decision-making, and streamlined internal processes which led to effective implementation of policies and procedures.

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