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What Investor Relations Advisory Firms Do

At Sager Investor Relations, we recognize the importance of engaging actively with key stakeholders and investors, and we strongly believe that continuous collaboration with stakeholders is the key to the successful delivery of an investor relations strategy.

We perceive investor relations advisory solutions as a continuous effort to maintain and nurture the relationship between a corporate and the investing community by providing two-way communication between the company and the investors. You may be questioning yourself on “What Investor Relations Firms really do?” The answer to this question is that  IR advisory firms help companies to set up and manage an effective Investor Relations program to communicate their value proposition to their stakeholders and the wider investor community.

Move your IR communication forward

Consistent and honest communication with investors is the key to step up your IR game. It is very clear that transparent communication is crucial nowadays; any investor, if not provided with transparent financial information of a company, won’t consider investing as they would want to know where the company is heading and if the investment is worthy? As an IR agency, we help board members get a better sense of how their strategy is landing, by feeding through details about investor concerns, as well as enabling course-correction to ensure long-term success as well as keeping investors happy in the short-term. Here at Sager Investor Relations, the IR function’s primary role and strategic value are to communicate with investors and transform this from a one-way conversation to a dialogue.

Why Sager Investor Relations

We understand that the value of our investor relations services goes only as far as our knowledge and in-depth understanding of your business.  So we specifically tailor our approach to every engagement, and team with your business leaders as if we were any other leader employed by your firm so that, together, we can maximize your results.  We’re flexible, dedicated, and bring seasoned expertise through a full range of investor relations services, including:

  • Temporary, fractional, and outsourced investor relations support.
  • Quarterly earnings support, including press releases, earnings scripts, and management preparation.
  • Investor outreach and communications support.
  • Financial communications and investor relations program planning.
  • IR benchmarking practices.
  • Investor conference and roadshow preparation.
  • Annual report and proxy solicitation support.
  • Editorial services, including reviewing, editing, or creating web or print copy, whitepapers, etc.

Our role is to be your interface with the capital markets, investors, shareholders, and sector analyst groups. We help you market and position your corporate messages to the investment community. We raise awareness levels regarding your company in the minds of existing and prospective investors. We encourage understanding and a sense of partnership between you and your investors so that they stick with you when times get tough.

Sager Investor Relations Practices for Listed Companies

For a company that is already listed, our agency can help uncover a range of business-critical insights. This can include helping the organization understand the current status of its shares, or inform it of relevant shifts in the regulatory environment.

More specifically, we can provide information on:

  • Market and investor view and feedback;
  • Investor movements and activity;
  • Most frequently asked questions;
  • Information on the liquidity of share trading;
  • Shareholder activism;
  • Recent regulatory changes.

A clear IR strategy will give the organization a solid basis for long-term success and will serve as a foundation for maximizing the potential strategic benefits of the ongoing IR – stakeholders partnership.

Building investor relationships is a process where the effects are not immediately visible. However, the key to success is quality and consistency. Effective communication is possible if it involves not only messages from a company to investors but also feedback and expectations. 






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