Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Quarterly / Annual Reports

Sager IR is a qualified provider in the region, offering services that transform the way companies communicate to investors and how corporate reporting works.

Our IR services tailor a high-quality disclosure level of corporate reporting and investor solutions under the regulatory influence that suits the best valuable perspective on the growth and development of the company. 

We are dedicated to helping clients ensure personalized communication with investors and meet disclosure requirements on guidelines for both hard and soft reporting.

Annual Reports

Annual reports are the primary source of information relating to a firm and give the opportunity to produce the authoritative financial image of the company, which is of particular importance. 

Bearing in mind that Capital Markets dictate filing standards, we provide a rich pool of resources to process information and guidance for preparing the Annual Report, to communicate its strategic progress, performance and financial achievements.

We have the expertise to advise on best practice standards and techniques to ensure a firm report in the most efficient and effective manner.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIAL GOVERNANCE serves as an important key element of reporting; it is an essential instrument in evaluating potential biases. ESG Reports provide an overview of the processes and governance structure subordinated to global and national regulatory governance standards and serve a primary role for investors before investing in a listed company.

The ESG report covers three very crucial elements that the United Nations put a high emphasis on which are the Environment, Society, and Governance.

Board Reports

High-performing Board Reports sustain a statement of terms and financial metrics of what must be included in the Annual Report. We have seen a general tendency among listed companies for publishing their Board Report separately, before finalizing their Annual Report. One main reason is the tight deadlines set by the Regulator. However, Sager IR’s professionals tailor the reporting service according to their clients’ needs and they take absolute pride in doing so.

Institutional Investor Analysis

IR Officers should analyze the share register at least on a monthly basis. 

What is of the utmost importance for the company is to understand investor behavior correlated with the oscillation of the market share values. We are able to track records on the investment behaviour and stock market performance and deliver critical information on the rationale market fluctuations to detach any obstacles and protect a company’s shares from volatility and uncertainty.


We are committed towards working closely with individual companies, analysing what they currently have and tailoring bespoke packages to improve their overall IR practice.

The main aim when working with any client is ensuring only the highest QUALITY of services are provided.

We are a result driven firm, striving to ensure maximum return to our clients.


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