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Who We Are ?

Sager Investor Relations is a Saudi advisory firm, striving to provide eminent Investor Relations services and solutions to listed companies in the Kingdom. We deliver a combination of breadth and cutting-edge expertise to organizations across the private, public, and social sectors.

We work with listed companies, as well as companies planning to go public by offering bespoke, tailor-made services and solutions to assist companies in bringing their IR departments to best-practice international standards. With extensive technical, project management, and leadership experience, we have learned what it takes to thrive in the workplace, and our jobs to find the right people and solutions for your specific needs and challenges.

Assessment of Your Investor Relations Program

Our IR advisory services bring maximum exposure to your business, maintaining solid and
long-lasting relationships with your clients and investors.

We are excited to get to know you & help you with IR Program

Our strategists are on hand to discuss your business goals and formulate a proven, actionable and
measurable IR strategy for your organization.

Our Services


We pride ourselves in being able to advise firms on how to set up a dedicated, institutionalized investor relations department from the ground up, through working in conjunction with the management of the company.


Sager IR is a qualified provider in the region, offering services that transform the way companies communicate to investors. We provide annual reports services, Board of Directors reports, in addition to full ESG reports.


Sager IR provides a rich resource to rock-solid Investor Meeting plans, in order to attract investors and analysts, and guarantee a professional experience that will boost credibility in the eyes of potential investors.


The most important task for IR professionals is constant and continuous communication with investors, analysts, and various stakeholders. Investor communication is the key to the investor relations department’s functionality.


The quality of corporate governance has a tangible impact on the credibility with investors. By applying the highest standards of corporate governance, the Sager IR team aims to highlight what the company is doing in the context of corporate governance in addition to social responsibility.


The service will entail a course designed to give an essential guide of Principles for Investor Relations, a comprehensive training program in various areas of investor relations throughout the engagement.


Our Approach

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Identify ultra-targeted investor segments

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Aggregate audience and activate investor platforms

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Create and optimise bespoke formats

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