Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Governance and Disclosures

The quality of corporate governance has a tangible impact on the market value of shares. By emphasizing corporate governance, we aim to line/flag up the company’s prosperity, fulfill the company’s corporate social responsibility (“CSR”), develop and ensure the Investor Relations functionality taking into consideration corporate governance and regulatory policies.

There is a clear trend toward a more-detailed framework for explaining corporate governance systems for all listed companies complying with the Capital Market Authority (CMA) regulations.

SAGER IR services are conducted in accordance with the corporate policy, financial instruments, and Exchange Law, as well as in accordance with the Capital Market Authority (CMA) regulations.

We at SAGER IR guide listed companies in Saudi Arabia to prepare a tailored, comprehensive governance manual that helps to disclose information in a positive manner and we evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s information disclosures system.

Capital Market Authority (CMA) Communication

Sager IR advocates clients that the governance and IR department should maintain a consistent communication strategy with the regulators. Building a sound relationship with the CMA and being well informed on regulations updates and new regulations that may arise or have arisen is extremely important to listed companies.

Tadawul Ifsah Disclosures and Announcements

We help in preparing the disclosure of a polished announcement, where we balance effective communication in influencing the audience through honest, concise and positive key messages. This will ensure that the company delivers the right message, at the right time, to maximize the benefit from the outflow of different announcements. 

Investor relations professionals ought to provide a bilingual announcement, considering that the majority of the investment community are English speakers. Sager IR designs and promotes comprehensive measures and basic plans concerning listed companies and investor relations professionals in drafting the material that is needed to be announced through the TADAWUL IFSAH platform.

Financials Filing and XBRL Filing

Financial Statement Releases, financial statement forms and XBRL files all through the TADAWUL IFSAH platform are mandatory by the regulator and they create great value to investors and analysts. The XBRL file allows investors and analysts to do their own analysis of company results. Sager IR has the expertise to support the investor relation departments and listed companies in Saudi Arabia to file all financials needed, including XBRL on to the TADAWUL IFSAH platform.

AGM Preparations

Assembly General Meetings (AGM) must ensure that they meet strict filing standards in terms of procedures as many different regulations from the CMA, Ministry of Commerce and other regulatory bodies such as the Saudi Arabian Monitory Authority (SAMA) for banks and insurance sectors are heavily involved.

Sager IR helps clients by being engaged in the design, delivery, and ongoing assignment, by being responsible and assisting in the preparation process for AGM and Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA), preparing the announcements and to file all necessary documents into the Electronic CMA system. In case of a Board Membership change, then all CVs, as well as different forms, must be filled and uploaded (all the while managing and ensuring that all requirements by the CMA are met). We help with managing the meetings from start to end, which includes the AGM minutes of the meetings, the voting cards and uploading all these documents including the results onto the electronic CMA platform and announcing the results of the AGM on the TADAWUL IFSAH platform.  Considering tough deadlines, especially at the end of the year where the annual report must be published at least 21 days prior to the AGM date.


We are committed towards working closely with individual companies, analysing what they currently have and tailoring bespoke packages to improve their overall IR practice.

The main aim when working with any client is ensuring only the highest QUALITY of services are provided.

We are a result driven firm, striving to ensure maximum return to our clients.


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