Investor Meetings

Investor Meetings

Investor Meetings

Organizing an investor meeting is a demanding endeavour that requires major effort and trained skills. 

Sager IR provides a rich resource to rock-solid Investor Meeting plans, in order to attract investors, influence share values and guarantee a professional experience that will boost credibility in the eyes of potential investor audiences by making them keener to investment opportunities that a company has to offer.

Furthermore, we offer a wide spectrum of investor relations services outlining meetings through various outreach programs; 

  • Investor conferences;
  • Earnings calls;
  • Roadshows;
  • Investor days.

In addition, to bridge clients’ interest with solid investors while ensuring all the regulatory requirements are followed along the way, we have the expertise to counsel management through the planning process and we give the know-how in order to stimulate a positive and responding conversation with investors.

Investor Conferences

Investor Conferences are the most effective ways to meet investors and analysts as they hold quite a large number of participants from the investment community. Sager IR services engage to set accurate key baselines and to maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures of executive-level attendees, by planning out a strategy at the beginning of each year for the investor relations departments, with meeting schedules including dates, events, and enrolments.   

We tend to believe upon our expertise as a professional investor relations service provider, that the key to success is to be proactive with the investment community vis-à-vis investors and analysts in order to maximize shareholder value, diversify the investor base for listed companies and increase analyst coverage of the company.

Sager IR puts a high emphasis on the importance to promote management communication with investors, by being proactive and transparent and to ensure efficient communication between C-suite management and the investment community.


We are committed towards working closely with individual companies, analysing what they currently have and tailoring bespoke packages to improve their overall IR practice.

The main aim when working with any client is ensuring only the highest QUALITY of services are provided.

We are a result driven firm, striving to ensure maximum return to our clients.


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